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Hi everyone! So about half a year ago I participated in a NSFW pony art pack that was themed around travel in the summertime! I was assigned Fluttershy! Well, unfortunately life happened and the project had to be canceled- but I got my part of the pack done on time! A series of 5 pages about Fluttershy going to the Manehatten Zoo...and running into a little trouble! :P

So it's been sitting in a folder for a long time and I thought, well, it'd be better to set it free then let it collect dust! So feel free to grab it and not pay anything, because the art is VERY out of date and of a much lower quality then my current work!

But if you'd like to support me, this pack took a good week worth of work to do at the time, so it'd be very appreciated! But again, OLD ART is OLD, so if you'd like to just nab it and run, that's perfectly fine. <3

I hope you all like it, and I apologize for the old art!





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